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This community was created by YouTube content creator Kevin Brown also known as ExpressedWordz with a Z. He is a Spiritual & Law of Attraction Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur & Published Author. Becoming a member of this community and website is as low as $5/month which will grant you access to the community members app with more access to your life coach and continuous member group discussions. If you would like to become a member head over to my Patreon page at and select your membership level.


After becoming a member, you will become a part of the Speak it, See it, Feel it Loyalty Program where you can earn 'stars' that can be redeemed on my site for services. You will also receive an email welcoming you to the community along with a link to download the members-only app. Approval is required by Coach Kevin before accessing this app along with your email verification. This community will help strengthen your spiritual core and provide balance to your life through all of your traumas that you may have experienced while helping you move forward in life. Investing in yourself is an important aspect for your growth and your spiritual journey. If you have been asking yourself a lot of questions and why you might be going through everything that you are experiencing in your life, than you were divinely led here by the Spirit. Look no further, this community was created for you! To learn more about Kevin and his story, head on over to the "About" section at the top of this page, or visit the videos tab and watch the video titled "My Journey through my Awakening..."

I look forward to seeing you over on my Patreon and in the Members-only app!

Watch Patreon Launch Video below:


  • Access to Members-Only App - By email invite code & Approval Req.

  • Access to Members Only Groups - Continuous community discussion.

  • More direct access with Coach Kevin within the App & on Patreon.

  • Quick access to book or review coaching sessions at a glance.

  • Unique member profile (on my website) with scheduled bookings, order history, digital wallet, etc.

  • Access to Patreon only posts & updates.

  • Access to Patreon only bonus content.

  • Spiritual, Emotional & Personal growth with others matching your vibration and frequency.

  • Teachings, learning & community connection on a global scale.

  • Meet and connect with other like-minded individuals worldwide.

  • Starting at $2/month for access. Some benefits may not apply depending on tier.

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